A Fateless Star: Mine Mutlu

16 Mayıs 2008

A Fateless Star: Mine Mutlu 1 – MİNE MUTLU 1Fateless Star Mine Mutlu was one of the most popular erotic Turkish cinema actresses; but she was actually a great performer, having a different filmography other than erotic films.

She would definitely not even imagine that she would be an erotic film star when she first stepped in Yesilcam. She was acquainted with the cinema at her age of 19. At the very beginning, she showed off with supporting actress and teenager girl roles, and then became a desired leading actress for melodrams and comedies in early ’70’s. These days, young girls were not show off naked on the screen yet; and Mine Mutlu was performing decent, innocent young girl roles, just like her colleagues.

Mine Mutlu revealed a great performance and worked with the most popular cinema stars in her movies at the beginning of her career. And then comes the irony of fate, as they say…

Her first movie was “Bana Kursun Islemez” (I am bullet-proof, 1967) and the following “Mandrake Killing’e karsi” (Mandrake vs Killing, 1967). She acted in many films during 1967-1974. And then the flood of erotic films started to rise in Yesilcam. Mine Mutlu has mostly chosen comedy-wise erotic films, such as “Bes Tavuk Bir Horoz” (Five Chicken and a Rooster, 1974), “Civciv Cikacak Kus Cikacak” (Chick’s gonna hatch, Bird’s gonna hatch, 1975), which were the first examples of erotic films in Yesilcam; and which made her the queen of this new flood. She made a couple of erotic films for 2 years, and before the erotic films become porn, she quited cinema for good and continued her career on the stage as singer. After long years of fight against the breast cancer, she died in 1990 in silence, at her age of 42.

She called as the queen of erotic films, but actually these films were only a small part of her career. She made 69 films and worked with contemporary stars of Turkish cinema, such as Ayhan Isik, Sadri Alisik, Zeki Muren, Ahmet Mekin. We, as Oteki Sinema, tried to collect the posters of this humble queen’s films, and achieved to present the greatest poster archive of her films on the web with 58 posters. Hope you enjoy !


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  1. I have watched once an old turkish movie from the 1970s probably, about a celebrity(I think she was a dancer in the movie)who is really gorgeous who gets kidnapped by four men.it happens in front of her house.do you happen to know which movie is this?

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