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Yor, The Hunter from the Future

2 Haziran 2008

“Yor the hunter of the future,” says, in two words, the story of a warrior of prehistory, in search of his past, he has just discovered another planet. Rahan discovers he does one with Luke Skiwalker! This highly outlandish premise, drawn from a comic Italian, “he Yor cacciatore,” Juan Zanotto, who won a true success in the years 1970, could have a successful movie if the means used were the arrivals the challenge. Dawson, alias Antonio Margheriti, has really succeeded his bet. Usually more inspired, this veteran of Italian cinema, who signs scenario, production and special effects, bogged down somewhat in that it designates itself as a big comic book good child.

This co-production Italo-Turkish tour in 1982 while the European genre cinema was in decline, trying to create an original to resist the wave “Star Wars” but is hampered by a lack of means making it totally challenge impossible: the special effects are rudimentary at the point of seeming to come straight years 1950 and the later “toc” of the company reflects on the same beautiful sceneries of Cappadocia, which come to resemble a wasteland as they are poorly exploited.

First, the film puts us in the mood with his beautiful song “Yooooor’s world! / He’s the man ! / He’s the man! / Yooooooor ! / Yooooooor! » “(Composed by Guido and Maurizio De Angelis: pay to Caesar what is to Nanar), accompanying the bonds of the kid niaiseux Reb Brown who runs the Rocky Mountains, the stone axe in his hand. Shaving impeccable and brushing perfect, Yor is a hero good Aryan about as credible in the middle of prehistory that John Wayne warrior tatar (the fact that the choice of casting has been done really helps us to consider the concept of logic in cinema) . Our heroes fight from the first five minutes against a dinosaur polystyrene whose level of credibility goes beyond our wildest expectations: in addition to a ridiculous makeup that would not have reneged on a student CM2 in the course of the EMT, we strongly advise to look carefully at the scene where the dinosaur is “street” to 3 km / h on Yor; advantage of this to admire very realistic movements of the monster, apparently mounted on rails. One can clearly distinguish under the “skin” dudu primitive dinosaur the mechanism used to move.

The trio of heroes, composed of warriors Yor, a beautiful sauvageonne interpreted by Corinne Clery and a wise old man played by Alan Collins, aka Luciano Pigozzi, the man who appears in all bis Italian, lives next adventures rocambolesques whose dark side feuilletonesque quasi-permanence in the nanar. On fierce battle triceratops plastic bare hands, it makes gliding with a ptérodactyle death, you’re against men Neanderthal. Any time consistency is forgotten, as well as the billions of years separated the men from dinosaurs (anachronism recurring cinema). Taking on the appearance of dinosaurs, which mix several species defying all paleontological knowledge so far. Anyway, this is not serious, as we learn in the middle of the film that the hero is an alien, as the first Thorgal come.

The second half of the film is indeed moving “Yor” level in a film toc than nanar stratospheric. After meeting with the androids of evil dictator Overlord and discovered the secret of its origins, Yor confronts the bad guys in passing, while warrior Cro-Magnon it is to manipulate computers and lasers highly advanced spacecraft. The use of computers “futuristic” by a film dating from 1982 is another factor comic, albeit unintentional, but quite irresistible.

It would be unfair not to mention the highly ridiculous scene where the old Alan Collins, who served little purpose since the beginning of the film, balancing on a cable to catch up Yor flight as a trapeze artist. The dummy foam and cut assembly truly worth the detour.

Finally special mention the costumes, which can be summarized for the warriors to huge moon-boots in furs for these men and beautiful fluffy moumoute in bikinis for girls.

While remaining a film, directed fairly professional, “Yor the hunter of the future” is a nanar very good vintage, surprising each scene by its inconsistencies, its scenes against-day, Reb Brown bi-expression (smile / not smile) and his final debility completed, taking place in a cardboard space, with soldiers in rubber which looks like a sub-Darth Vader and John Steiner, cabotinant held without restraint in sub-Emperor Palpatine (though that its style of melodrama traitor should also think about Ming in “Flash Gordon”).

Nor should we forget the faces of the wicked impayables troglodytes (blue skin, hair and rotten teeth hirsute …. mouths of villains who!) And Loa, the princess cave, hidden daughter of Henri Emmanuelli and big winner price “Miss Eyebrows 1982”. France is also well represented, puisqu’outre heroin interpreted by Corinne Clery, is another French actress expatriate in Italy, Carole Andrew, who plays the role of Loa. Cocorico ! Cocorico!

Traces to tanning (a form of slibard!) On the buttocks of some extras, stalactits plastic dialogues pompous ( “Behind these hills cursed hides a terrible secret burned in the flames of grief of men” – what vocabulary for men Cave who eat with their fingers in their bowls as the last of crados), interpretation Series C (the girl’s village plays so empotée it sometimes seems to read his dialogue on a panel), “the hunter of Yor future “is a crétinerie very good, rhythmic and colorful enough to satisfy fans kitscheries décomplexées.

Planned primarily to be a television series in four episodes (the long version was the final little exploited by Italian TV, which does daigna the broadcast late at night: you dream of discovering!), “The Yor fighter of the future “was in its time, not mine, a nice box-office success. This obviously leaves dreamer, but welcomes it for this series B whose ridiculous does not detract from the deeply sympathetic side.

Attention: This Turkish – Italian cheap sci-fi article is totally original nanarland review… We  just translated it to english for you (thanks to google translate). Please forgive and enjoy.


Murat Tolga Şen

1973 yılında doğdu. Öteki Sinema'yı 2005 yılında kurdu ve yayın yönetmenliğini üstlendi. OFCS üyesi olan yazar, 2010’da Beyazperde’de yazmaya başladı. 2014-2016 sezonunda Okan Bayülgen’in Dada Dandinista adlı programının yazı grubunu yönetti. 2017-2019 yılları arasında Antalya Sinema Derneği’nin danışmanlığını yaptı. Aynı zamanda Eğlenceli Cinayetler Kumpanyası’nda oyunculuk yapan Murat Tolga Şen, Öteki Sinema, Beyazperde ve Medyaradar'da da eleştirmenlik yapıyor.

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