Turkish Horror films

Brutal Storm (1985)

Brutal Storm is a 1985 film which is a remake of famous Spanish horror flick A Candle for the Devil. Because of i didn’t see the original movie i can’t tell you how successful remake it is. But I want to write this movie because  it’s never touched, original story for Turkey. First of all i want apologies to the …

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The Dead Don’t Talk (Oluler Konusmaz ki)

A gothic horror-thriller by Onar Films, filmed as black&white in 1970. The film was lost from the archieves of Onar Films, and a copy of the film was found in the archieves of Yeni Lale Film Studios by cine-researcher and historian Sadi Konuralp in the year 2000. The movie is directed by Yavuz Yalinkilic and the lead roles are performed …

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After I saw Hasan Karacadag’s thriller movie; D@bbe, i swore that i would never, ever get close to anything made by him. But my damned fantastic cinema fanaticism made me give Semum a try. I was very decisive to criticize free from bias, although I do not know how much I can get over prejudicing when the subject is a …

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When I Say Zero

When I Say Zero 1 – Sıfır Dediğimde 01

Out of the visible world, intersecting tales within their reality in another world: Hypnosis… To show our support, we tried to present you brand new Turkish films for a few times; but each time we fall into a complete hopelessness. Unfortunately, Turkish Thriller/Horror cinema doesn’t go any further than the breakout of Buyu (Magic). The reasons are the same; bad …

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